OBS NDI, Dual Router and Dual PC Setup


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Hi forum,

Sorry in advance if my English is bad

I am trying to setup a dual PC Setup for streaming, but since my connection is not the best I have subscribed at my ISP a second router with it's own line so I have 2 internet accesses.

Each router has the same Down/Up Speed, averaging at 35 Mbps Download and 6-7 Mpbs Upload each, I have tried using channel bonding (Speedify) and it works and I get 60+ Down and 10+ Up which is nice but I still get ping lag in game so I really want to separate gaming and streaming with 2 routers to finish with the lag spikes while playing my online FPS games.

My goal is to use my gaming PC Connected to Router 1 and use OBS NDI to send footage to Streaming PC Connected to Router 2 to stream.
I have made a picture demonstrating my goal :

To summary this in text :
- Gaming PC is connected to Router 1 via Ethernet using Motherboard Network Adapter
- Streaming PC is connected to Router 2 via Ethernet using Motherboard Network Adapter
- Both PC's are connected to each other via Ethernet using both the same PCI-e Network Adapter @1Gbps

Problems encountered :
- OBS NDI Source on Streaming PC does not detect Gaming PC.
- OBS NDI Source on Streaming PC detects Gaming PC but does not show anything in Preview, this also removes online internet access from Streaming PC.

Has anyone got a similar setup and willing to help ?

PC Specs if needed :
- Gaming PC : i9-10900K, RTX 3090, 32GB RAM
- Streaming PC : i7-7700K, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM