Question / Help OBS issues with AMD gpu?


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I recently upgraded my GPU from EVGA GTX 1060 to an AMD Radeon 5700 XT. Since I made that upgrade my OBS seem to have some kind of issues and I don't really get why they are happening?
I used to be able to stream games like AC Odyssey or Apex Legends on normal settings, since the upgrade it's simply not possible for me anymore. I get blackscreens that also make the OBS turn completely black and sometimes it even crashes.
Also OBS refuses to use the AMD encoder and claims the drivers are old. But I have the newest GPU driver installed (radeon 19.8.1) from AMD. So yeah, I'm kind of lost right now with this thing.
The games are running on Ultra without OBS and as soon as I turn on OBS everything just shuts down.

If OBS crashes I get either the crashreport "Failed to recreate D3D11: Failed to create resource view (887A0005)" or "Failed to recreate D3D11: Failed to create buffer (887A0005)".
Also like I said I can't even use the AMD encoder because OBS keeps on telling me that the driver is old.

I'm using OBS.Live version powered by Streamelements.

(And yes, before someone is asking. I clean deinstalled the old driver with DDU and installed the new one after a reboot.)

The latest log report:


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I too just upgraded my GPU to the 5700XT non reference card and I am also facing the same problem with crashes for both streamlabs and obs.

Is there an update to this issue?

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I recommend using DDU again then try 19.7.3, as users with the new cards have reported very mixed results with the latest driver.

Unfortunately, after last year's excellent incremental improvements on the drivers side, AMD is dropping the ball heavily in 2019 :(


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Yo I am having the ramdomly stop streaming with 5700xt encoding which frustrated me so much :( can't seem to be the solution