OBS iOS Camera Source Installation Issue on Nobara (Fedora) 36


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I'm new to these forums, so do bear with me.

I have an issue with installing the iOS Camera Source Linux plugin on my install of Nobara Project, mainly because it can't find the LibOBS directory whenever I install it. Everything else goes swimmingly, up to the cmake command where I have to specify the location of the LibOBS shared library being inside of the source code to OBS. Sadly, cmake wants to complain that it can't find the directory on Nobara, even though it's installed under RPMFusion, which comes with Nobara Project.

If anyone who uses Fedora or Nobara knows where I should have cmake find the library in question, that would be much appreciated. I used it on Linux Mint, and the binaries worked just fine, but building it from source is a different story. And yes, I tried building the plugin with the specified and latest versions of the OBS source, but to no avail