OBS freezing/dropping frames/whole PC freezing

So as of about of 1 month now when i run CSGO OBS starts dropping frames and game is slow to load
Some times its minor spikes in the Green indicator of OBS jumping to Yellow or Lite Red
Other Times its direct Red
From time to time on Game Start i am stuck on my main monitor with CS opened and i cant even click on anything (thank god when i switch scenes in OBS to desktop i can find task manager to end CSGO)
Other Times my entire PC is like hard freeze with maybe 1 frame a sec or few sec when quiting CSGO then it restores to normal
Even Viewer doesnt indicate any issues have occoured...
This is my last log from today (no hard freezes or anything but just some dropped frames on game starting)
2nd attachment is from a few days ago i think it was when it was at its worst (or atleast its the biggest in size)


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Start here:

After that do a test and post a new log.
just got the same issue today yet the log shows noting at that point...
however running the analyzer suggested disabling Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduler
will update if this fixed the issue however the strange thing is the issue is present only with CSGO