Question / Help OBS Frame Rate Lags When Operating Team Fortress 2 Game


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Hi all,

I'm very new at this. I need some support with running up OBS smoothly.

I have no issue with I play the game (Team Fortress 2 - Steam Game) on its own, but when I launch OBS to stream to Twitch. The game lags so much. I have already reduced the graphic down to low in the game.

Here is the capture log:

I have a Macbook Pro Pro running at 3GHz i7, 16RAM and Intel Iris 1536.
My OBS settings for streaming set to
Encorder: Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder
Check off Enforce Streaming Service Encoder
Bitrate 2500 KBPS
2 keyframe
Profile: High

Under Video settings, base: 1280x720, output 1280x720, downscale filter to lanczos, common FPS values 30.

Could it be my computer cannot handle streaming?

Any suggestion and help is greatly appreciated! I've been struggling for days.

Thank you!


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There's no output session in the log, so no performance data to analyze.

To troubleshoot, run a usual streaming session where you experience your problem, end the session, then upload the Current log from the Help menu without quitting OBS.