Question / Help OBS faulty install (zillions of nested windows)! :-(


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hi everyone,

I just installed OBS on Windows 10 64-bit. But when I open up the program, the window is repeated endlessly... the windows are nested within each other, getting progressively smaller, as in the attached image.

Thanks for your help, and have a great day!

Screenshot (208).png


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That's because you have added a display capture source. Guess what's on your display? OBS.

To clarify, nothing is wrong here. As soon as you minimize OBS the effect will stop because then OBS is no longer on your display.


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Thank you R1CH for your reply, but if I minimize OBS then how can I actually do anything with it? It's kind of like opening Microsoft Word, and you get tons of little Word windows, so you have to minimize Word - but if Word isn't open on your screen, then how can you use it? Perhaps I'm missing something really basic and obvious! Thank you for your assistance.


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You can do several things to handle this situation:
  • to set up your scenes, don't run everything (including OBS) maximized. Make OBS one window among all other windows and move it below/behind/next to the window you intend to capture
  • move OBS to a different monitor from where you don't capture anything. A second monitor is kind of standard for work with OBS
  • define hotkeys for OBS start/stop recording with settings->Hotkeys and use hotkeys instead of clicking buttons
  • make sure the system try icon of OBS is activated Settings->General->System tray->Enable, then control starting/stopping with right-click on the system try icon.