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I'm trying to set up my stream, and getting a facecam in my stream, im using a MacBook Pro mid 2012
here are the specs:
2.5 GHZ intel core i5
and whenever I open OBS, my camera has a MASSIVE like.. 10 seconds delay and when i remove it and set it back up in the scene (it happens in every scene) there's like a 2 seconds delay still.
what's going on with that?
also, OBS when not streaming is using 8.3% of CPU... is that something I should worry about?
just removed the webcam again and OBS crashed. here's the log file, I think.
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Hey there,

That's a very odd thing that's happening on your Mac, not sure why a delay with your Facetime Camera exists. Also, in terms of 8.3% CPU usage when not streaming, that's nothing to concern yourself with.

Although this is not the most convenient step, I would say try the following steps:

1) Download Live Video Delay (
2) Open it, make sure you set "Frames of Video Delay" to "0", and ensure that audio settings are turned off.
3) Open OBS, create a new source > Syphon
4) Click on Syphon Inject, select Live Video Delay, and click on Inject
5) Select Live Video Delay in the dropdown and you should have a webcam setup through the program.

Once again, I know that this may not be the most convenient route to take to setup a webcam, and I'm not quite sure as to why your webcam is not working by simply adding a video capture source, but it could be a workaround in the meantime until someone else can help you figure this issue out.

Hope that helps!