Question / Help OBS dropping FPS??


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Ok so this is the first time i've even had this happen. When i open OBS the FPS is all over the place. It drops all the way to 20 at moments. Havent changed any setting from when i normally stream. Keep in mind this is while NOT broadcasting! just simply setting at obs dashboard. So its not internet related. As long as i sit still in game its fine, as soon as i start moving fps drops. The game itself is as smooth as can be. Ive got a pretty beefy cpu and gpu so i dont think thats it. i opened task manager while streaming to see and only about 16% of my cpu is getting used. and thats what i use to encode. But obs says its only using around 4% cpu. Ive tried this both in regular OBS and SLOBS and im having the same fps issue in both. Just streamed yesterday and stream looked amazing. this seemed to have just started this morning. Any help would be appreciated! Also forgot to add, when streaming, dropped frames is 0.