Question / Help Obs drop frames and lags when recording f1 2019


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Hi Enricoplayground,

Do you have F1 2019 crashing when OBS is running and you go back to windows by pressing windows key or tabbing out?

Also with your GTX 1060, what in game graphics do you use and what FPS do you get. I suspect my GTX1060 that I just bought is a bit below par. I'm on Ultra High but reduce, mirrors, shadows and crowd to high. Getting 72fps.
Thank you cobalt, i tried but it works all the same. It worked fine also before, but the problem is not in my end it's about recording-streaming. I get dropped frames. due to encoding. I tried also nvenc encoder it goes slightly better than x264 but still i have dropped frames. The crash have been resolved i think. i play with directx11 and it works smoothly now.