Bug Report OBS does not save the chat color. - Help :(


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Hello, how can I save that the chat is always white? Whenever I restart OBS, the chat goes black again. I have already changed the topic to "System", but the problem persists. Can it possibly have to do with BetterTTV, which is automatically active in OBS? There is also a dark mode there. If I turn this off, it will automatically turn on when you restart. If so, how do I turn it off? Or how else do I save the chat on white?

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My twitch is always in white mode. I do not like the dark mode. The catch in "Dark Mode" is just always automatically in it again. I did not install the BETTERTTV in the browser. Nevertheless, it is displayed in the chat in OBS. I'm running out of ideas. :( Help me pls...



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