OBS compatibility with AMD!?


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I have been using OBS with nvidia gpus with no issues at all, they were high quality, sharp and not laggy..

Now I got AMD RX 5700xt gpu and OBS only records bad quality blurry laggy videos..

Here is my log file:

attached screenshots one from the recorded video and one from the actual game it self.

PS: AMD software recorder is recording a really high quality videos, same as OBS with my old nvidia GPU.

thx in advance


I'm pretty sure AMD's encoder is significantly worse than NVENC and x264 so you might be better off using the x264 encoder


what do you mean by laggy? fps drops, pixelation, something else?

I don't see any attached images or videos btw


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Here are screenshots of the game it self and a recorded OBS video


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change the encoder to x264, set the Rate Control (Method) to CBR, and set the bitrate to 20,000

if you still see pixelation after that, increase the bitrate by 5,000 until you get the quality you like

if your video starts to drop frames or constantly freezes, you need to turn down the bitrate


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I tried x264
I went down to 15k and upto 60k
and everything is still the same

And the weird thing is that AMD software recorder is working perfectly and! the windows 10 game bar...

it's like only OBS isn't recording properly..

and it is hard to not use OBS, it used to work perfectly with my old gtx1050..

I wish if u or anyone have any more ideas or solution


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Does it look like there is any chance AMD and OBS can work out something for an encoder?

For some of us, the price of an NVidea GPU is prohibitive, and a decent AMD one (RX580 armor) is half the price. Upgrading a MB and CPU is also too much. I have a decent AMD FX 8320 8core CPU, but it was high end years ago. I'd love a new one, but... and I don't want to put too much of a load on the CPU.


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Until and unless AMD decides that h.264 encoding is worth doing work on, it's not viable to use their cards for hardware encoding.


a thing I've noticed is that my recordings from OBS look really pixellated when I watch them in their save files but when I watch them in my editing software or upload them to Youtube, they look close to the original quality so that might be why

as the other ppl said, the AMD encoder is significantly worse so you'd be much better off using an NVIDIA GPU


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Is there a spreadsheet, link or document somewhere that clearly identifies which GPU's (NVIDIA and AMD RADEON etc) work well with OBS streaming and Chromakeying and which do not?