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Hey guys,

I've got a problem lately with my OBS after I revamped my computer. A few weeks ago, I used to stream a lot on twitch with my Win 10 PC and everything worked fine.

But I needed to reinstall Windows 7 because i've got some technical problems. I took a backup from my obs settings before and reinstalled everything.

But since i used win 7 again, i cannot create new sources to capture my games/programms. Everytime i try to create a new game capture/window capture, there is no program to choose from. the dropdown list is empty.

My old sources from my win 10 setup are not working, too. for example, when i try to play Overwatch and switch to my already created overwatch scene (window capture), he shows me an "empty" source, like it was freshly created. my old game captures got the same problem. it's like the game is not even opened.

I've tried to update my obs to 17.0.2 but it still doesn't work. Screencapture and creating other sources is working without a problem tho.

I also tried to enable/disable Aero on my Win 7, but still got the same problem.

I remember that i used windows 7 on this pc before i did the upgrade to win 10 and it still worked. so i don't know what i'm missing right now.

Any recommendations for me?

Thanks for every answer and i apologise for my bad english. I try my best.

UPDATE: I also found out, that i've got no problems with the classic OBS. Gamecaptuer/windowcapture works perfectly fine on that one. But to be honest, i don't really want to switch to the classic version. I will use this one temporarely till i fix obs studio, i guess.
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Win7 and same problem here. I also try to fix it but I think thats the win7...
I dont want win8 or 10 so.. I'll see if I can fix it.


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thanks for your help! yeah, i use kaspersky too and i will try if it will fix this. :)

Edit: IT WORKED! Thank you very much! You saved me a lot of time and nerves!
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it ain't the OS, it's OBS. Thank your highschool script kiddies for the black screen issue. Sadly it won't be addressed - no one knows how to fix it. Just stick with Nvidia's Shadowplay or Xsplit. They're the only ones working without black screens

and running as Admin won't do anything.


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Just chiming in to say I do know the exact cause of this and will have it fixed next patch, it's an issue specific to windows 7 due to a change I had to make for the microsoft appstore in regard to finding specific windows, seems to affect windows 7 users under certain circumstances (such as when they have Kaspersky installed?). I might release a hotfix for it, though 18.0 is coming pretty soon. This issue was introduced in 17.0. 16.6 didn't have the issue, so if you need a quick solution, you can download 16.6 on the github. Then just keep an eye out for 18.0, where it'll be fixed again.

also ipkonfig - "sadly it won't be address - no one knows how to fix it". Is that so? Please stop wasting people's time with fear-mongering negative BS.