obs-browser, Video Format Not Supported


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Was wanting to mess with some transcoding options, and I have a recording on YouTube TV - perfect, I can use a fixed file, try different settings. Well, that fell apart ... LOL. I went to my file, in the obs-browser, to stream it, fiddle with settings, but got the error message "This video format is not supported". Huh? Seems odd. Are there items / options I need to mess with in obs-browser?

I did try to grab some debug info, from the player (inside obs-browser). This make any sense? :)
"debug_error": "{\"errorCode\":\"fmt.noneavailable\",\"errorMessage\":\"This video format is not supported.\",\"BN\":\"HTML5_NO_AVAILABLE_FORMATS_FALLBACK\",\"Zm\":\"\",\"bK\":\"buildRej.1;a.1;d.1;drm.1;f18.0;c18.1;f142.1;f149.0;f279.1;cAAC.1;cAVC.1;cVP9.1;a6s.1\",\"BH\":1,\"cpn\":\"u8JKXsSPObeVYjRQ\"}",



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I have a similar problem. On a new windows 11 pro system I can record Youtube TV with OBS Window Capture from a browser (Edge or Google Chrome), but when I try to use OBS-browser to record Youtube TV I get error message "This video format is not supported".

Also, when I record TheRokuChannel.com with OBS Window Capture and Edge or Google Chrome, it works fine. However. with OBS-browser, I get "This browser isn't supported. CHROME (INCOGNITO MODE) on Windows 10 is not supported."

I have tried this with hardware acceleration both on and off in the OBS settings, but that did not fix the OBS-browser error. I also installed the K-Lite Codec pack on the new computer, but that did not help.

I do not have this problem with OBS-browser on other Windows 11 computers with identical OBS settings. Any idea about how I can fix this issue?