OBS audio capture and Ventura 13.0.1 using Blackhole 16ch


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Using a RUBU USB 2.0 video capture card. Their QS Guide is obviously old, but recommended Blackhole for MacOS. Downloaded Blackhole and installed using Homebrew. Followed the OBS guide for creating and configuring a Multi-Output Device. Created an Audio Capture Device and bound it to the MOD. Video is fine. NO AUDIO. None can be monitored, none is captured. Went into SystemPrefs>Settings>Sound and noticed no Vu meter activity. Nothing shows in OBS either. What could be the problem?

I read the instructions for iShowU, recommended in another thread here - they're virtually the same as for Blackhole, so I didn't try that. https://obsproject.com/logs/AHfA_e0DStTAzW5R