Question / Help OBS (and SLOBS) - HIGH Ram usage of 47GB and more (+ accidentally solution?)


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Hello together,
this is my first post in that forum. Sorry for my english, its not perfect ;-).

I saw that there are already threads for the high usage of RAM on a mac, using OBS. Yesterday i received my new iMac and YES i bought the iMac knowing, that this will be mostly used for streaming. I just don't like windows and now i need to live with the problems and want to find solutions.

So, the problem (maybe others know):

After a 2 hours stream yesterday (and a couple streams the days before), i recognize a high ram usage and my stream began to lag. Because it was live, i decided to restart my iMac and it worked after that, but just for a while. Today i tried to figure out what happened, so:

After i start OBS (25.0.6 mac) OR SLOBS (its necessary to mention), my RAM usage goes up to sky on my main scene. I have 32GB ram and after a while, my activity windows shows me a usage of 47GB... ok.

As soon as i switch to another scene with only one widget, it goes instantly down to 1-2GB. So i tested then to turn off widget by widget on my main scene, but nothing happened.

To compare, i opened then OBS and SLOBS at the same time and for any reason, both programs kept on a RAM usage of about 600-800mb. Right now, i am streaming with OBS Studio and the RAM usage is fine.

Now the funny fact: As soon as i quit one of the both programs (OBS oder SLOBS), the ram usage goes again up without limit.

I have no idea what causes that issue and maybe its only a visual issue but since there is currently no other solution i found, i will keep both programs open.

Is there anyone out there, who could maybe explain that? I am a tech noob, but at least happy that i found a workaround :D