OBS and Hyprland works


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Making this post as a reference.
Might help out in other environments like KDE Wayland; etc.

The details below are consistent with Archlinux, but will most likely translate well into other package management platforms; don't let the "Archlinux" references dissuade you. I've said my piece, but anyone can post below with specific package details regarding other managers like Apt for a quick ref future viewers can consult.

OBS Studio
Wayland Hyprland
(ArcolinuxB Hyprland)

Arch Official Repositories (extra): OBS Studio (obs-studio) (29.1.1-2)

Support required
Arch Official Repositories (extra): gstreamer-vaapi (1.22.3-6)
AUR: obs-vaapi (0.2.0-2)
  • No conflicts have been observed between gstreamer-vaapi & obs-vaapi
  • OBS works with gstreamer-vaapi exclusively out-of-the-box
  • OBS works with obs-vaapi exclusively out-of-the-box
  • Use either or both.

Upon starting OBS after installing one or both vaapi implementations and going through the initial system evaluation and configuration (if not already performed): Add source (normally) and select from the pop-up menu Wayland output(dmabuf) and proceed normally. FYI: dmabuf is direct memory access buffer (feels fast)!


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@TheRaven thanks for this. I'm not able to see the Wayland output/dmabuf source and am wondering if you could elaborate on which dialog you see it in and what the path to get there is. Since you said "normally" I'm assuming it's clicking + in Sources and choosing "Screen Capture"?

I've installed all of the below and after initial OBS setup wizard (optimizing for recording), adding a source, I only see "Screen Capture (Pipewire)" and when choosing, I don't see Wayland or dmabuf anywhere.

I'm using:
  • Arch Linux kernel 6.5.2-arch1-1
  • hyprland-nvidia-git 0.29.0.r2.g84c4a14d-1 installed via AUR/paru
  • OBS Studio 29.1.3-1 installed via pacman/offiial repos
  • obs-vaapi 0.4.0-1 installed via AUR/paru
  • gstreamer-vaapi 1.22.5-2 installed via pacman/offiial repos
Any suggestions?



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Full list of relevant (?) packages, incl pacman-installed from official Arch repos and paru-installed from AUR:

local/anyrun-git r132.76af3eb-1
local/dragon-drop-git 1.2.0.r3.g0a56eb2-1
local/egl-wayland 2:1.1.12-1
local/electron 1:25-1
local/fingerpaint-wayland 1.2.7-1
local/foot-git 1.15.3.r23.g4f3f6144-1
local/grim 1.4.1-1
local/grimblast-git r54.bef073c-1
local/gstreamer-vaapi 1.22.5-2
local/gtk-layer-shell 0.8.1-1
local/highway 1.0.7-1
local/hyprland-nvidia-git 0.29.0.r2.g84c4a14d-1
local/hyprpaper 0.4.0-1
local/hyprpicker-git 0.1.1.r4.5ba3268-1
local/libpipeline 1.5.7-1
local/libva 2.19.0-2
local/libva-nvidia-driver-git 0.0.10.r13.gcd54d40-1
local/libxcrypt 4.4.36-1
local/libxmlb 0.3.14-1
local/obs-studio 29.1.3-1
local/obs-vaapi 0.4.0-1
local/obsidian 1.4.11-1
local/parallel 20230822-1
local/parallel-docs 20230822-1
local/perl-error 0.17029-5
local/qt6-wayland 6.5.2-2 (qt6)
local/ruby-cgi 0.3.6-1
local/slack-desktop-wayland 4.32.122-1
local/slurp 1.4.0-1
local/swayidle 1.8.0-1
local/waybar-hyprland-git 0.9.22.r12.gb6658430-1
local/wayland 1.22.0-1
local/wayland-protocols 1.32-1
local/wl-clipboard 1:2.2.1-1
local/wl-clipboard-history-git r12.25bacd3-1
local/wlr-randr-git 0.3.0+1+gb9fad41-1
local/wlroots 0.16.2-2
local/wlsunset 0.3.0-1
local/xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland-git 1:r291.57a3a41-1
local/xorg-xwayland 23.2.0-1 (xorg)


Never seen the Wayland(dmabuf) option. It may have been a 3rd party plugin?

Pipewire Screen capture should support dmabuf though, depending on GPU hardware/driver and DE support.