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Non-OBS Script NowPlaying VLC 1.0


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mrsteyk submitted a new resource:

NowPlaying VLC - Now playing for vlc on any platform!!!

This is my first script for python: NowPlaying for VLC on any platform!
I dont think i will improve it, cuz its really simple.
i dont provide any support for this script, he works fine for me on linux!

Here is how to use it:
You need: requests lib installed!
1)go to settings
2)at the bottom chose all.
3)main interfaces (as far as i belive).
4)check web.
5)extend this section.
6)choose lua.
7)set password (123 in my...

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This script doesn't work for Windows 7 with VLC v2.2.1.

I believe it doesn't work because the script points to a static rootnode.childNodes[36] and that won't be the same for every song because each song contains different meta-data and therefore a different number of childNodes.

Edit: This also causes the script to crash if there aren't at least 37 childNodes in the meta-data.

I am currently working on a script that should work for everyone because it is more generic and will release it once I am able to test it more.

Edit #2: Here is the link to my version of VLC NowPlaying if you would like to take a look -
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This script works fine on aac and opus. Also i use russian vlc that can make difference. Your script looks messy("Heavy Python")! Anyway thank for reviewing!

EDIT: I was pointing to childnode[36] cuz it was minidom. You using ET, that makes difference in programming.