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OBS Python Now Playing 0.1


Etuldan submitted a new resource:

Now Playing - Display in a Text Source the current song from your favorite music player

Now Playing is an OBS script that will update a Text Source with the current song that Media Player is playing.

Currently supports:
Youtube (for Firefox and Chrome)

You'll need Python 3.6 (OBS requirement) and PyWin32
Only for Windows OS

How to use it :

Download the script.
Download Python 3.6.x ( ) and install it
Download PyWin32 ( ) and install it...
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Hey Bro,Could you please add a netease music win10 supports?I really need it.I can't find any plug-ins for it.Althought it's the best music player in China,So Please,Wish you can replay me.This the software offical website


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Hey I was wondering if someone could make a video tutorial of how to set this up? I got everything right up until the last step