Question / Help No Quicksync on linux

Hello, I can't find the quicksync option in Obs Studio. My Linux is Peppermint 9 and my laptop is Intel hd 4600 and i5- 4310M. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Not possible yet with official releases. However VAAPI support has been merged to master branch two weeks ago so both Intel and AMD hw encoding support should be available if you build OBS from source.


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I have built OBS using today's version of master branch.

vainfo picks up my i965 driver.

Still I do not have any non-software encoders showing up in my output recorder settings.
Is this a bug or is there something I can do?


Not sure how it is expected to behave - but when I select Output mode to "Advanced" I do get FFMPEG VAAPI as encoder option and get a VAAPI CODEC selection box further down.


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I do not get VA options in OBS on ivy-bridge after compiling from source. vainfo is happy the option is there.
I used the mint default packages for dependency a quick looks didn't throw up any stupidly old ones but I will keep digging as time allows
I don't have any newer intel chipsets with graphics to test on (yet at least). But if its working for you Tuna likely an issue with one of the dependencies or certain chipsets.


I have ffmpeg installed by default, but when I try to compile obs it says it's not installed. \

How do I compile ffmpeg for OBS with intel quicksync support?