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I'm trying to make a slide show with photos I can use in my stream.
I'm able to set it all up and add as many pictures as I want in it.
However , when the slideshow is running it'll only show the first 19 pictures.

Why wont it show more if I've added, lets say 30 pictures?

Log file, if that helps.....


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I solved it...
I was using the 32bit version of OBS...
I switched to the 64bit version, and then everything started working as planed!

Simon Riedmann

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I have the same problem, but I already use the 64bit version of OBS. I have ~50 pictures, after 32 pictures the slideshow starts again from the beginning. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

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OBS currently limits you to 250 MB of images per slideshow.
I am imterest how to fix it. See it so... We travel all europe rivers with a boat and each 50 meter we make a photo. There are up to 12 photographers on the boat and we just wish that at every time people can join the stream. So when is no video with the actors a spideshow stream should run.

As developer can you give me a dirty intermediar ate solution?


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My workaround: Run Slideshow in xnview (disable "FullScreen" and "Always on top" in Slideshow settings) and capture the window.
Not ideal (careful not to accidentally end the slideshow) but it works.


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The easiest workaround I've found is by making a slideshow in something like Adobe Express (or a similar free service) and saving it as an mp4 file. I can then create a new media source in OBS and play the video on a loop without needing to capture it in a separate window. This enables me to keep the slideshow video in the same place in my scene, surrounded by whatever effects I'm using, etc. Just as we wanted it to in the first place! :)


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registered for this one !

please add an option to define custom memory size allocation.
it could sit neat and clean inside the slideshow settings window.
might not be a use-case for everyone, but i don't see why we couldn't modify these for our own purpose if our pc can handle it.
250-500-1000mb maybe if you wanted to limit options ?

had 53 out of 76 photo being recognized in 1080P, I had to resize down to 720p to make them all fit within the same limit.
which means once /that/ cap is reached, i can't add pictures to the slideshow anymore....

rendering a video file or having third party tools do this isn't an option for my use case, as pictures gets added weekly and i don't want to re-render a video everytime... waste of time and resources for my purposes.
but i have the ram/vram to handle larger image collection, i just need the settings to fiddle with :)

Suslik V

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@floydiansound you may try OBS v30.1.x or newer, it has some new features.

Related PR:
Old slides will work without changes, but newly created slideshows will load files asynchronously (in background, without 250MB memory limit that was mentioned above).

All OBS releases (under the Assets spoiler):