No Device Options on Audio output Capture


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When I select Audio Output Capture as a source I am given no device options and therefore cannot monitor computer (desktop) audio when I stream a screen or Youtube clip. How do I fix this? Using current OBS on Mac Pro on OS 12.2


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I had same problem and at last, I gave in and reinstalled OBS Studio on my mac and that enabled desktop audio to play -AND- record. It was a lucky shot in the dark as I had no other path that worked. Worth a try if you haven't and at least in my case; some of my settings were retained with scenes and sources. I am not sure where those settings were persisted.


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what you just said makes no sense, and because i know that you are going to reply, are you a mac user or at least know someone who uses OBS on mac?
What he said makes perfect sense; Mac does not have its own audio capture device INSIDE the computer, meaning that no option for “Desktop 1” or “Computer” will show up. A separate application has to be downloaded in order for audio to be recorded as well