No Audio Mac Mini M2 chip Blackhole 2ch


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I can get no audio from my 8 mm camcorder to a USB 2.0 Video Capture using OSB and Blackhole 2ch on my 2023 Mac Mini OS Ventura with M2 chip.

I want to convert old home movies to digital. I am new to OSB and new to converting videos to digital. I have very limited basic tech skills.

Can someone assist me? I can send screenshots and capture logs.

Here is a recent log from today.



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Nothing jumps out at me from the log, but I'm not really a Mac guy, so I probably don't know all of what to look for either.

A common problem on Mac, just from reading this forum for a while, is permissions. They seem to be denied by default, and you have to explicitly allow every individual thing that you want to do. (in the system settings, not OBS) That's good from a security standpoint, which Apple is famous for, but a royal pain for being able to "just do stuff".