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Night Theme 1.0


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Night Theme - Dark Theme with Blue highlight color

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Combining best parts of all three OBS Default themes with a small tweaks here and there.

Install at Obs main folder/Themes next to the default ones, this re-uses some graphical assets from the default dark theme, so it needs to be next to the default themes.

1. Unzip at default theme folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes
2. Go to settings -> General -> theme, select night as your theme
3. Press OK

Version 1.0 tested to be...

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Some boxes are not appearing in the theme



Some boxes are not appearing in the theme

I see you edited the example image very heavily... so I can't be sure if you removed the checkboxes as well ^_^
But, make sure you run the latest OBS. Have to say it works fine with current theme version 1.0 and the latest OBS 26.1.1.
Anyway I made the theme mainly for own needs and in case it don't work for you, just switch to another theme :)