Question / Help Newest version of OBS won't let me enable Replay Buffer


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I've toggled the output settings to advanced but when I click the checkbox to turn on replay buffer nothing happens. The checkbox doesn't even check. Any way I can fix this?


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Same-ish here, cant even check the box of replay buffer.
Can't even check "Automatically start replay buffer when streaming".
Does anyone knows hot to fix it?


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I've had the same problem for a while now. Replay buffer works in simple mode, but simple modes strips too much away for that to be considered a fix for me. Any advice on this one? Plenty of other users out there who have this working.


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If you go into your output settings. You will see four tabs. Stream, Recording, Audio, and Replay buffer. Click replay buffer and set your duration. Then you should be able to click the box that automatically enables the buffer! Hope that helps! If it does stop by my stream!