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I know that there are tons of threads and tutorials out there and I don't mind reading and watching them. I have no clue what I'm looking at or reading exactly so i'm asking the veterans of OBS to assist in narrowing down or have any direct advice. I would like to start learning to edit videos and such and maybe in time youtube for fun. I have a PC for all this but most of my gaming is on an Xbox one. I will do my best to breakdown what my "situation" is.

Game source: Xbox one
Communication Source: Xbox Game bar on PC
Mic: PC

I for now have found a way to capture the Game video and audio without a capture card as I don't want to invest in one until I get a bit more serious about this just in case. Mic source is basically preset. As of my last test recording video quality was fine but it picked up my voice twice and my friend in the party chat were mixed with the game audio as it all comes through the "Desktop" audio source.

Any tips, Advice and direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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I'm not sure what your question is exactly? What editing software should you use? I have used Pinnacle Studio for a very long time because it was feature rich and the ease of use. It seems like it is lacking nowadays but I believe you can still get a free version to see if you are going to like it. The timeline for voice overs, titles, transitions, text overs, etc is what originally drew me to it. You can pretty much jump right in.

As far as audio goes I know it is something that is discussed often. You should be looking through the settings, if you are streaming to your PC from your Xbox that might be why the audio is is recording twice. It depends on what you want to do. You should be able to figure it out in settings. No offense but a lot of people are not into watching you play video games and talk with your friends. It sounds like you want to stream to something like Twitch and have your videos saved more than anything so you can upload them to YouTube later.

Finally in my opinion using a capture card with any console is not good. It is why I started looking into OBS as a solution in the first place. The best capture card solution seems to be using an Elgato (or other one you like) capture card that installs into a PCI slot on your PC. This is definitely going to add input lag because the video now has to go through several connections and the actual board before you can capture it. Most of the time the input lag is not noticeable from what I have heard but it will effect your gameplay. Especially on things like competitive FPS games.


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Im new on this, on Video Capture card has two slots 3.5 mm conector, Im using the Chat Audio cable on the Mic plugged in but on the OBS the audio is perfect, but when i record to hear the chat audio is to low, Im connected to my headset with Mic but also to low audio, need additional Adapter on the Video capture card that connects Mic and Audio to work? or there is some settings on OBS that i can make the caht Audio with more volume instead the game audio to be low volume? please any tip that would be great
Regards, I just wanna record the gamplay with my friends no streaming


Have you tried clicking on the little gear in the lower left of the Audio Mixer window?
Audio Mixer.jpg