NDI 5 Update fail ?


We use OBS (27.0.1) with all camera sources as NDI. It worked smooth under NDI Tools version 4 but when I upgraded to NDI 5 last week all my sources in NDI freezes with in few seconds after the start. It was doing the same in NDI monitors too. On upgrading Installed NDI 5 tools with out uninstalling the older version but the program uninstalled the older version and got installed with out any hiccups. I am not sure if the NDI plugin used with OBS has something to do with this issues. Also did notice the NDI 4 Runtime never got updated / removed to the newer version 5 in windows. Looking at log do not give any clue whats happening. In middle of live stream I had to stop the stream as all camera was freezing plus OBS would not even exit so I had force kill the application. Uninstalled NDI 5 and reinstall 4 took care of the issues. Have any one seen such an issue with this upgrade. Attaching failed and good instance logs for comparison.


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