My stream is all jacked up


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So I hear the alert sounds but they're so loud I could have died when I heard one.
I spend a lot of time customizing them so they should be working. When I look now it seems like it should all be in working order.
Am I not supposed to see the alerts? If not is there a way that I can? I don't know the sounds well enough yet to just know what they are.

Also this second part isnt about OBS but if anyone can help that would be great.
Sponsorship help!
I've posted in reddit, emailed support and commented asking on youtube videos and popular tubers who help setup streams and nobody has replied.
When I toggle the Add the chatbot it will say it's on but turns off if I reload.
Also says somewhere else that it's on and there's nothing else that I need to do.
But it's not.
Thank you thank you thank you whoever can help me out with whatever.
I'll stream and share my screen if it helps.

Check this out, It's less than a 30 seconds and you'll see what I mean about the alert sound. It's unreal.
Meanwhile I have my pc settings so I can hear everything else just fine.


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