Muted music on OBS, yet it still occasionally gets through.


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This could be a issue with one of 3 things: OBS, Voicemeeter or the (unofficial) Youtube Music Desktop app I'm using to listen to music, but I thought asking here is my best shot.

I'm using Voicemeeter to split my audio output into "voicemeeter input" and "aux input", I selected Input as the default playback device in windows, and Aux Input as the audio output in the youtube music desktop app. Everything seems to work fine at first - I hear the music, OBS does not. But after a random amount of time OBS suddenly starts to pick up the music under "Desktop Audio" in the audio mixer. Then, if I don't spot it immediately, it might stop picking up again, then start again. When I do realise it's picking up - I can fix it temporarily by changing the audio device in the YT music app from Voicemeeter Input Aux to Input and back to Aux.
The audio device under OBS' Desktop audio was selected as "default", I will try setting it specifically to Voicemeeter Input but I doubt that's it because Windows already has it selected as default.

I've experienced this issue for months now, with both the stable version of OBS and the current beta; same for YTM app - tried both the latest stable release and the current beta.