Question / Help Mute One Specific Scene?


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I want to mute my AFK scene (just the mic, leave background music playing), and this is one thing preventing me from switching completely over to OBS Studio.

I believe I'll have to stick with OBS Classic until something like this gets added, either directly into Studio or as a plugin.


Unless you're using the global glomming audio sources....

If that's the case, go to settings->Audio and set to disabled whatever source you want per-scene control over. Then go to the first scene, Add->Audio Input source (for a mic), select your mic. Now go to the next scene you want that mic in and Add->Audio Input Source, and select "Add Existing", and select your previously created mic.

Now you still don't have per scene volume selection, but that didn't exist in OBs either, so no loss there.


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What is glomming?

Is there a way to just remove an audio track from any particular scene? Or even mute it if it has to still be there?


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Add audio sources to the scenes individually instead of using global audio devices.

So... in the audio panel under settings, turn off all audio sources.

Then, for each scene where you want a specific audio device to be included, add that as a source (either audio input device, or audio output device as necessary).

There's currently no possible way to mute or have per-scene volume control for each source yet (this is a really big anticipated feature for me, as well as many others)... however, this method at least takes care of the ability to remove audio for whichever scenes are necessary.