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Mute Indicator v1.0.0


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dmadison submitted a new resource:

Mute Indicator - Set a physical indicator whenever an audio source is muted.

This is a Python script for OBS Studio that tracks the 'mute' state of an audio source. When the source is muted or unmuted, the script sends that state as a string over serial to a microcontroller to set a physical indicator.

Version 1.0.0 includes the microcontroller (Arduino) code for three indicators:
* LED Light (w/ 3D printed mount)
* LED Strip
* Servo flag

See the GitHub repository for download links.
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how would the code look for two audio input sources separate indicators? In case someone uses 2 diffrent mics interchangably.


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With separate sources and separate indicators you should be able to import the script twice and then work with each independently. You shouldn't need to modify the code at all.