Music ticker for nearly any media player (including YouTube)


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Is there any way of changing the font of the file?

works perfectly once i learned i needed to tell it where to put the nowplaying.txt file. i use OBS multiplatform (most likely the root of this problem) and if i make the bound box smaller the font scales and basically i need a way of keeping the font a size no matter what the box size is.

EDIT:: I learned it was OBS MP, basically theres a crop option and i need to untick "relative" before i tweek settings. thanks a lot for the ticker m8!


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Re: Music ticker for nearly any media player (including YouT

How should I configure it for youtube, since the name of the window changes with every single song played from my playlist?

I used this, only have the music window open as the script cannot detect which one you want

  ; Getting the media player's window title, assumes no other window titles have this text
  windowTitle := "Google Chrome"  ; PART 1: The media player's window title needs to always have this text
  SetTitleMatchMode 2  ; Look everywhere in window titles for a match, not just the beginning
  DetectHiddenWindows, on  ; Also check window titles minimized to the system tray

  ; Parsing the media player's window title, use "" to not trim one or both of the sides
  firstAfter := ""  ; PART 2: Everything left of the first instance of this and itself is trimmed
  lastBefore := " - YouTube"  ; PART 2: Same idea above except this trims right and reads right-to-left