Multiview (Fullscreen)


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When I found out that I could right click in the Program Monitor and send it to our Samsung 2'x4' floor monitor, I was ecstatic.

I run two Radio/TV shows... the Arizona Project Special Edition and Fighting Back.

Now that I have OBS running off of a PCIe video card the headache of trying to get the USB webcams to work is no longer an issue; and the clarity is much better.

I run the shows exclusively through the Multiview (Fullscreen) mode. The initial administration of which is a real headache. I like the little squares in an order that is convenient to me, but having to go back and forth between the views and use the up down arrows to get the squares where I want them is a real effort. I would like to stay in the Multiview (Fullscreen) and be able to click and drag the items to their proper order; usually sequential.

While in the Multiview (Fullscreen) I would like to be able to administrate the squares and load media and images without disrupting program output. The only problem is that with Media, the square stays black and there is no indication, other that the tiny type at the bottom, what has been loaded. A thumbnail or poster shot would be nice. And a timeline with an up down time indication so I can cue the talent when to come back.

Also in the Multiview (Fullscreen) I'd like to see the audio mixer window and too the small green square that tells me I'm streaming.

Maybe you could move the Preview and Program windows to the right, leaving a big square on the left for the Audio Mixer Window and a little room for the small green streaming square.

Thank you.