Missing Video Capture Device Properties with Avermedia Ultra


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The issue I'm running is into recording games with HDR. I am using version 28.1.2, which suppose to have support for HDR, or atleast tone mapping when going to SDR. I saw there are color/input format you setup to allow image coloring to not look so washed out. However, when I try to find these options on the Video Capture Device they are missing or not there.

To validate this I hooked up my capture card on my PC and saw a huge list of options that are missing.

I also used some other tools (Recentral, and Streamlabs) and they looked better when recording as well. So I think it is something with the software on OBS.

I attached two screenshots showing different options between mac and PC.

Has anyone run into this before? Any solutions or is OBS just not an option for me on mac?


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