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MimaSweets submitted a new resource:

Meloncola (Light theme) - A fresh light theme for those that want something better that "System"

it's my first theme, i hope you like it!
some custom icons
made with users that have issues reading bright fonts over dark backgrounds in mind!
and very nice colors for people that just want to have a less boring light theme than System!
thanks to MarsMehlo, Shelly, Zhebe, and Jason for the support.

here's some screenshots

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MrBison Alex

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I modified the colors, Happy Dark MrBison
thx for the theme.



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Okay this is going to sound really dumb but can someone walk me through how to add this to OBS please? I'm used to adding .dll files not .qss so I'm having a bit of trouble.
In Windows C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes

And then select the theme in Settings/General. You don't even need to close OBS to install the themes
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