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Media Countdown Timer 2.0.0


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Hi there! Loving this plugin. We use it daily in our fianncial news show to show media countdown to the hosts. I wish for a feature: to be able to filter. Currently it counts down any media playing, gfx, music, etc. We only want it to count down actual videos. It should be possible to filter by media type (mp4) or/and media sources. Would love for this to be added!
Also if this can be added to the media sources so it's only activate when that source becomes active, and a browser page would be nice to display time remaining to the presenter.


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Script doesn't work properly in AUTO mode. It just displays the countdown timer of the first video it encounters. It doesn't update when another video becomes live.
I get this error: error calling script_load: attempt to call global 'log' (a nil value) when I load the script. Could this be the reason the timer does not update when a different video starts playing (in AUTO mode)?
This Script would be very useful to me if it would word properly.
I run the latest OBS 30.1.2 on a Mac M1pro.