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Jaime Staples

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Hello all,

Here is a current log file:
12gigs of ram

My OBS is taking a ton of my cpu power (at times 40%.) 2 times I have got an "application memory (or ram, I forget) is almost full, force quit something" message. My question is can I do anything to make it run a bit smoother. I do have a SSD and I'm not sure if it auto runs of that but I assume that helps things. Below are my listed settings. Is there some things i should reduce and or increase to get better quality without sacrificing CPU. 100down, 5 upload, partnered at twitch. The game I play is graphically very simple (poker.)

Here are the settings:
Server: US San Fransisco


Thanks in advance for your help. OBS is awesome!



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Hm, okay. I see: 3 display captures, 3 window captures, 2.. wait no, 3 video capture device sources? Wait after that it says you added 6 more window captures on top of that, and according to the log file they're new ones.

Keep in mind window capture is not an optimal capture method as well unfortunately (limitation of mac to some extent)

If you're going to reuse a source that already exists in another scene, you should use the feature that allows you to take that source that already exists in another scene.

Part of the problem here is that we don't have the optimization that disables sources when they're not displayed yet as well, which is probably not helping.

So definitely seems like you could clean this up and remove some duplicates sources.