mac OBS: GPU usage is very high, and frame drops with webcam on


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I am experiencing a severe performance issue these days. The problem is:

* The GPU usage while OBS is running is extremely high --- utilization is 100% even with an empty scene without any sources.
* Whenever I turn on a webcam (i.e. make the source visible), LOTS of frames drop.

* Macbook 15-inch Pro 2017 (GPU: AMD Radeon Pro 560)
* MacOS 10.14.6, OBS 26.0.2 (latest)


CleanShot 2020-11-21 at 11.07.07@2x.png

Note the GPU usage (Radeon Pro 560) hitting 100% at all times. It will drop immediately once I quit OBS.

CleanShot 2020-11-21 at 11.07.26@2x.png

When a webcam source is turned on, a rendering lag happens and ~20% of frames are dropping. Average FPS is around 20.


* Nothing else is using GPU in the above example case.
* Just the existence of an OBS instance running slows the entire system down --- Chrome gets slow, all other graphics-related application stalls. Based on the GPU utilization chart above, I think OBS is wasting a lot of GPU resources.
* I don't think USB webcam has any issues. When I record via QuickTime Player or use them with any recording/streaming applications, everything is super smooth, GPU utilization being far less than 50%, and I am able to even achieve 60FPS with 1080p.
* I tried lightweight settings as well, such as low resolutions (320p) and lower FPS, but the problem still presents. I also have tried other image formats (YUV, M-JPEG). In the screenshot above I used 1920x1080 30fps but frame dropping happens even with smaller resolutions (320p, 720p).
* Previously, I was able to run everything very smoothly at 30FPS without any frame losses --- using the exactly same machine and hardware setup. I am not sure what has changed since then.

Any help appreciated! Please let me know what else information I can share for troubleshooting.



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Having any single "Display Capture" source or (any single tiny cropped region) in the scene collection --- even if they are not visible or belongs to a scene that is NOT currently displayed --- will increase GPU usage significantly (~40% for Radeon 560) Webcam sources (1080p) do not add any additional GPU load.