Bug Report Low FPS in capture window but ingame is fine (two monitors) [SOLVED]


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Okay. Let's start from the beggining. I stream casually very often and play most of the games in windowed mode due to my setup. I took a break from streaming during summertime but now decided to start again. And very strange thing happened while i capture my game in a windowed mode. Capture FPS was very very low, like 15fps while ingame it was locked at 60. I started blaming my setup because game was pretty demanding. Tried changing graphics settings, resolution etc. But end result was always the same. Then i started messing with OBS settings tried every output, even 30 fps 720p at low bitrate capture was pretty choppy even though i didn't even record and broadcast at that time. In task manager everything seems fine, nothing is loaded 100% no thermal throttle in AIDA64. But if you play in fullscreen or use only one monitor it runs and captures perfectly. And if even game dips in fps, capture output is still locked at 30\60. Then most bizzare thing happened and this is why i'm writing this post. I could've bite the bullet and find a way to stream fullscreen or without second monitor. But then i see that fps is fine in OBS while game windowed. For a moment i didn't knew what worked. I've done so many changes to settings ingame and in OBS even in system itself. But it doesn't mattered IT WORKS. I minimize my browser and suddenly FPS dips again. And then i understood. Something needs to be "fullscreen" to OBS capture be smooth. It could be any program any window even notepad or windows explorer but it needs to be maximized and be behind game window.
[SOLVED] It was Nvidia Experience overlay fault. Something is wrong in a new updates of shadowplay. Turning it off helped. If any mod reading you can now close this thread.
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