Looking for "ASMR" / Audio filter plugins


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I want to use OBS to record my desktop audio but I would like to filter audio. Mainly voices coming from the living room and other background noise. Mainly I want it to pickup my voice and Keyboard and Mice. What would be a ideal setup for this?

My Mic: Blue Yeti


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Did you find the plugin? I am looking for a similar plugin because our company plans to make an ASMR advertisement video.
We now are looking for a person who could write an asmr script for relaxation because we intend to make a video of this genre. I know that it sounds a little strange, but we think this will be successful because it will aim for the topics that people like.
So, if you work with ASMR and know something more than we do, then you can contact us, and we will discuss the details because you can work for us too. We need people to write the script and people who know how to film ASMR videos.