Question / Help Long Time Lag and where is Device Timestamps?


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Hi I have been having issues with OBS for some time, especially when doing LIVES on Facebook with long time lag with lip syncing on videos. I fixed it a while back but it's happening again. Another thing, which is posing an issue is recording direct into OBS. I just recorded a video and my voice was lagging so did not sync at all. I recently started using a procaster microphone through a focusrite interface, could this cause an issue ? Prior I was using a cheaper USB microphone, but I need this better microphone.

I am on Windows 10 on a PC.

I saw on numerous threads to go to the little cog, properties and un-tick timestamps, but I can't find this on my OBS dashboard. I am not as audio savvy as many people here so need this in layman's terms. I did a while back change all my camera settings so it was not interfering as much but it's posing a big problem now as I need to do these videos.


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You can also open the "Advanced Audio Properties" (the last item in that list) and use the Sync Offset field to sync it.


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Hi there, I still have no option for timestamps, and in the area you have it only has my logitech camera, when I click on properties and scroll down my focusrite interface is there, so I am using my procaster microphone.

When I go to the area you said above and go to advanced... in sync offset as it is my logitech device will that not relate to that? And what number ofset by?


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Does anyone have an answer for this? I am having to use my IPAD to do LIVE's now and I have an amazing microphone and camera I currently cannot use.