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I think the issue with viewer list is due to the IRC client I'm using under the hoods. It blocks on certain commands. I plan on rewriting that portion with the UI overhaul, which is in progress. Especially now that Twitch actually has an official IRC implementation guide.

Popout chat? I'll keep that in mind for the new UI. Would anybody like to alpha test the new stuff for me? You'd be getting very buggy unfinished versions. Basically making sure stuff is usable, makes sense, and is intuitive as I flesh out features.


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I'm down Tuff, that'd be cool. I'd let you know if something glitches out. But I just want a basic chat window with a viewer list on the side and maybe to highlight a new viewer that just joined so I can welcome them :p


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Okie dokie... this feels good. Long awaited release of the new LivestreamBuddy. I debated still calling it a beta, but it's been very stable and rather bug free for me. I still have some future improvements and features planned, but it's rather slick and ready to be used as is.

LivestreamBuddy version 1.0

- Complete UI redesign
- New channel list
- More secure now that you only give twitch your credentials
- Added basic stream chat administration abilities

--- version 0.5.9 Beta ---

- Chat will now display emoticon images.  This has the potential to be resource intensive on slower machines.  You can disable it by running LivestreamBuddy with the -noemote flag.

- Stuck on "Joining Chat...".  Twitch changed their IRC authentication process.  LivestreamBuddy now mirrors that change.

--- version 0.5.8 Beta ---

- Channel field auto suggest
- Very basic identity manager (replaces the current username and password fields).  This will be expanded in the future.
- View stream ability
- No more soul sucking WinForms RTF.  All replaced with custom GeckoFX (embedded firefox) controls.

--- version 0.5.7 Beta ---

- Switched from the built-in .Net WebBrowser control to GeckoFx.  Yields lower memory usage and behaves better with the Twitch Web API.

- Auto suggest memory leak.
- Multibyte characters now work in the chat.  (Switched from system default encoding to UTF-8 for the IRC client)

--- version 0.5.6 Beta ---

- Clicking on web links in the chat window will now open a browser for you.

- Error popup when typing in the stream title or game fields.  Auto suggest bug.

--- version 0.5.5 Beta ---

- Can now update stream titles/games that you do not own (still have to be an editor)
- Added auto suggest for the stream title and game fields.
- Can now run commercials

--- version 0.5.4 Beta ---

- Closing the application before disconnecting no longer leaves the process running.

- Added channel/stream title and game updating ability
- Added Help "system"
- Switched the chat windows to a RTF control.  Pretty colors!

--- version 0.5.3 Beta ---

- Found and fixed a race condition when disconnecting and reconnecting.

- New UI for twitch auth
- New UI for channel/stream info

--- version 0.5.2 Beta ---

- Connection, login, channel join, and viewer retrieval status notifications
- Improved overall connection stability
- General performance optimizations

--- version 0.5.1 Beta ---

- Switched to use a more reliable IRC URL

--- version 0.5.0 Beta ---

This is the initial release of this software.

General features:
- Allows twitch/justin chat interation
- Provides a channel viewer list and count
- Very basic giveaway/random picker feature