livestream is lagging and freezing even though there are no dropped frames on OBS


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My PC specs:
Intel Core i7 12700K @ 4.8GHz all cores
32GB DDR5 6200
4TB Samsung PCIe NVMe SSD
RTX 3070
LG 34GN850-B 3440x1440 160Hz

I am testing livestreaming on youtube and I have the game (CSGO) set to 2560x1440 and I get ingame FPS of over 300FPS even when I start streaming.
My internet upload is only 6mpbs

I have the latest OBS (28.0.3)

I am experimenting with NVENC HEVC because in theory it should have better quality at much lower bitrate compared to x264, but at the cost of more processing power.

I have base canvas of 2560x1440 and output at 2560x1440 at 60FPS
I am using NVIDIA NVENC HEVC with CBR 2500 kpbs, Max Performance, main profile, Psycho Visual Tuning on and Max B-frames 2

the livestream is extremely lagging and sometimes freezes even though OBS says it has 0 dropped frames and the in game FPS never drops below 200FPS.

I suspect the NVENC encoder might not be fast enough. Is there anyway to see the NVENC utilization?


If you select the tab "view" and then select stats, you will see the the render and encoding drops.