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Free League of Legends Solo Q Rank Update Tool 2014-08-16


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I downloaded your plugin yesterday, moved it into my plugins folder and running the exe. After choosing my username and server, clicking okay just returns me with the server unavailable message (Which it is available). I then looked in OBS and noticed nothing there. So i'm not too sure if this is me being silly or the plugin not working.

note: Both the dll and exe are in the plugins folder.


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This is not a direct OBS plugin, you can place it in whatever folder you want, all you need to do is run the exe. Also yesterday the Riot API servers had some issues, there is nothing I can do about that I'm sorry.


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Works Great but do you think you could perhaps add the option to remove the 'Current Rank' from the .txt because i have the current rank on my gui and i dont need it in the .txt also


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Just tried using your tool got an error seems like a recent update to riot api might be the culprit can you check into it and give me a fix?


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"The Remote name could not be resolved: ''
I'm assuming that this is not updated anymore.