Question / Help Keyframe interval and CPU usage issues.


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I seem to be having an issue with keyframe interval. I've tried setting it at auto and 2 seconds but still end up at an acceptable rating by twitch (the lowest I can get it is a 2.5 rating from twitch with it set at 1 seconds with OBS). Any suggestions?

I'm also suffering from massive CPU usage. Not sure if related.
Your keyframe is normal, what is the issue ?

Also don't create too many "Game Capture" at the same don't stream all these games at the same time, don't you ? ^^
Try also to start OBS in administrator mode.
If CPU usage is still too high, try to stream in 480p.
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Thanks for the response

Twitch is telling me my keyframe interval is too high even though it is set at the right level in OBS, doesn't matter if its on auto or manually set to 2 or even 1. OBS is already run as an administrator.

As far as the game capture, how would you suggest running it instead? I'm all eyes.
The problem is your PC is skipping too many frames (24-47%): it can be due to a weak CPU. Try to run your stream in 480p and repost your new logfile here.
About the "game capture", I'm just saying to try to use 1 global "game capture" and changing the game with the inside settings instead of having 1 "game capture" by game.


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Seemed to have fixed the CPU issues. Still runs high but no lag. I've been running in 720p since I started streaming without any issues, it's only been a problem since I switched to OBS MP.

Still getting this from Twitch:
  • Max keyframe interval is currently at 4.0 seconds. Please set it to 2 seconds.
It is already set at 2 through OBS.


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Still no luck on my end and I've tried just about everything I can think of. May have to switch back to OBS if I can't find a solution.


Your keyframe interval is and always was correct. The reason why twitch is reporting such a thing is because of frame drops and skipped frames, which are apparent even in your last log file. If important frames are dropped, twitch will misinterpret that as the keyframe interval changing, when really it isn't.

The program might be dropping i-frames in addition to p-frames and b-frames. If it is then that's a bug and I'll fix it, but fundamentally the problem is that you're dropping/skipping frames in the first place.


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Oh okay, good call. I'm assuming if it is a bug I'll have to wait for a fix to be released. If that isn't the case, should I be lowering my broadcast quality to prevent the warning from popping up on Twitches end? Or is there something else I should do instead.

Thanks for your response Jim.


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You should lower your encode's CPU requirements (in other words, lower your broadcast quality, as you said) because:

15:30:00: Output 'adv_stream': Total frames: 103415
15:30:00: Output 'adv_stream': Number of skipped frames: 25007 (24.1812%)
15:30:00: Output 'adv_stream': Number of dropped frames: 179 (0.173089%)
Is unacceptable by any standard for anyone watching your stream.

There's just far too many skipped frames. An acceptable amount of skipped frames (IMO) is less than 1%, at that point it becomes practically unnoticeable IMO. You're over 24%. So you need to decrease your resolution, preset, and/or framerate until your computer stops skipping all those frames.

If you do that the Twitch keyframe interval thing will take care of itself. But that's not the reason why you should do it, you should do it because skipping so many frames makes your video unwatchable.