Issues with Capture Card feed stuttering


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I've been having issues with my Capture card (Micomsoft XCapture-1) over the last few months where the feed will intermittently stutter and freeze every so often whilst I'm streaming. It's becoming quite frustrating and affecting the quality of my stream.

I've run my logs through the analyser (logs attached) and I've got the below returned as a critical issue


I'm lost as to what could be causing this, I'm hoping it's not a hardware issue as this is a decent capture card which was quite expensive. I'm hesitant to replace it if possible as it's very good for capturing both modern and classic games consoles.

Please see the below link of the VoD for which the log file is for.

Based on the timelogs, it occurs at 1:41:14, however, there are a couple of other points in the stream where you can see the video feed for the capture card judder and/or stop and you can hear me say something about it (an example I can find is at approximately 0:46:20).

Would anyone be able to help me with this? Is this a possible software issue or is it hardware? If it's software, does anyone know a solution for this?

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Just a further update to this, the WASAPI device which doesn't load throughout the entire stream according to the logs has now been completely removed, I will check when I next stream if this affects anything, however, I suspect it won't. I will update here when I know more.


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I've provided an updated log, however, nothing in the logs seem to correspond to the time codes I've got for skipping happening.

Latest VoD:

Approx. timecodes where skipping occurs:

Any help on this issue would be appreciated. This is confusing me massively now and I'm not sure how to resolve this.


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