Issue with volume drop in OBS + Voicemeeter


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Hi guys! I'm experiencing an issue with drop volume in OBS.

I have two audio captures:
1) lavalier mic -> audio interface
2) piano keyboard sound -> Virtual Instrument Software -> Voicemeeter

I added two audio capture sources, one for my audio interface, the other for Voicemeeter.

I set the volume to be as close as possible from the clip/red led in the mixer in order to have a loud enough sound. Basically I cannot add any more volume/gain, otherwise I'd clip. And that is fine, if I check the mixer in OBS, I see the led right below the clip level when I play or talk loud.

However, after watching a recording, I noticed that the audio from the mic is nice and clear, but the audio from Voicemeeter is waaaay low.

I really don't know what to blame, maybe the Voicemeeter audio route? But it doesn't make any sense, since in OBS the piano sound is received properly, but recorded wrongly (very low volume).

Of course, raising the volume is not the solution as: 1) it'd clip 2) it doesn't make any difference, the volume still stay very low.

This started happening after adding the mic audio track in OBS. Before, during my test without the mic, I could succesfully record the piano sound at the right volume (that'd be the volume I set in OBS).

There could be some kind of conflict, but I tried everything to fix that, but nothing worked.

Have you guys experienced it?

Thank you so much!
PS: if needed I'm recording on two separate audio tracks