Is there an add-on that will automatically increase speed of rendered video output?


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I'm guessing this is a super unique request, and I'd be shocked if it exists but...

I often record screen share video explanations for my clients and send to them by email (I'm an insurance professional).
However, for the sake of time I'd like a plugin that will automatically take what I'm recording and boost it's playback speed by 10%, or 15%, or 20%.
Identical to changing the playback speed in YouTube.

Attention spans are short, and insurance is boring, so the faster I can relay the information the better. Plus, I've found that most people don't even notice a 10-15% increase in speed if it's spoken word.

Doe this exist? It'd make my day! Thank you!!


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**EDIT** I think I'm onto something here... I've discovered this command line with FFMPEG:
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf "setpts=(PTS-STARTPTS)/1.30" -crf 18 -af atempo=1.30 output.mp4

So I'm thinking what I can do is create a .bat script and incoroproate that into my windows context menu. Then, I'll be able to right click on the video, hit 'send to', and then send it to my script that says 'Increase speed by 20%' which will then run the command line automatically.

Am I on to something?? I'm a novice at this stuff so I have no idea how to actually create that script, but I think it might work!