Is there a way to capture firefox with BitBit capture method


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So I got really frustrated when trying to capture firefox and found the stupid yellow border and no option to hide cursor. I really don't want my mouse cursor to be shown on screen. I feel it would be SUPER annoying to the viewer. After some reading, I found that this is a stupid Microsoft issue with the Windows Graphics Capture method. I understand that the yellow border and mouse cursor can't be turned off using Windows Graphics Capture. What I'm wondering is, is there a way to allow firefox to be captured using BitBit. Perhaps an advanced setting in about:config or some other way to allow BitBit (I'm not afraid to get dirty in super-advanced settings or the windows registry) Currently setting it to BitBit just gives a white screen,

Thanks. Izzy


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If you update your version of Windows, you'll be able to hide the cursor when using Windows Graphics Capture.