Question / Help Is OBS Playing up on me?


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I am very new to this forum so pls forgive me for my noobish post.
For some reason, OBS is now dropping a lot of fps within the app! I never had this issue before and I could stream all day long without any of the issues that I am having now.

When I open OBS Studio App (OBS 22.0.1 / 64-bit) and launch a game I can see a lot of fps drops (bottom right corner). That is without me even starting the stream. It also shows a very low CPU usage %. Its around 0.7% to 0.9%.

I can't figure out for the life of me why all of a sudden this has started to happen, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a high end(ish) gaming pc and I am not sure if maybe something is wrong with my pc. This only started to happen couple of days ago.