IP Cam with Opacity Filter freezes unless modified each time activated


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I am streaming with OBS using an IP Camera (PTZ Opticcs), and I am also projecting a screen capture of safari at the same time in the background. The camera is coming through under a URL under a Media Source, and the Screen capture obviously through screen capture. I have applied a filter to the media camera source under Color Correction, giving the camera opacity above the screen capture, blending the two together. However, when the camera goes inactive or is not the "Live View", it freezes and does not update- the only way to unfreeze it is to make it the live view (while frozen) and go into the cameras settings under the media source on that scene, and adjust the delay, save, and then go back in and readjust the delay to the preferred preference. I also have to keep it live afterwards or it will freeze again.

Anybody know of any fixes for this? It causes very awkward transitions.

Thanks! Rich